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Wolf Strategy Revised....

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Wolf Strategy Revised....

Post  sandog on Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:53 am

Greetings Wolves...

I will explain the ₩ѲḼḞ Strategy here so that we can move on to higher phases of our strategy development.

1). We set up dens in strategic locations throughout G1, G2, G3, G4, and G5. This is the most important part of the universe. Our dens are set up on vertical rows in the 100's, 200's, & 300's. For example.. my planets in uni2 are set up along the 200 row, as such:

- G1.192
- G2.209
- G3.208
- G4.197
- G5.199


And there is not more than one for that row.

The idea is for EVERYONE to have coverage in all the galaxies... and to be locked in the same solar system as one den, per galaxy in each row. Once we take over an entire solar system, we become extremely difficult to attack... and very dangerous in our offense too.

The idea is to set up 5 planets within a den - 3 planets outside of a den in a hidden location (basically, this is where you have your main home planet) - and that leaves 3 planets open to colonize raiding platforms.

NOW.. the second part to the ₩ѲḼḞ strategy... and that is what we had talked about before... having a "wingman".

The dens you colonize in should be done as a wingman team. Thus, you colonize together, you travel together, you hunt together, and you do everything together !!

Think about it.... if 2 members of the same alliance travels & raids together... it becomes extremely difficult for your enemy to know who's online & who's not. Because if there are 2 of you in an area for raiding... for all they know, if they attack you - they could get intercepted !! Because as a 2 man team you will have that advantage !!!

This strategy is air tight... if done correctly. And if constructed correctly, we could take control of the entire universe once we have it developed.

This strategy was constructed through an actual, serious study on how the universe can be conquered by one alliance.

And we have it !!


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