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Particle Cannons and Shields

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Particle Cannons and Shields

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:06 pm

Particle Cannons and Shields: This depends on your game style. You always need particle shields - how much depends on your level of development and the level of the threats that are close by.
Particle Cannons are harder to use but potentially devastating. The key is to be able to recharge the cannon quickly and have it near the planet you are targeting - usually in the same system or within 1 or 2 systems. You will almost never do any damage to a player with a single cannon shot. The best way I have seen them used is with multiple cannon shots at the same time. Firing several cannons all at once to hit a planet will overwhelm the shield and cause massive damage. The other alternative is having massive excess energy to quickly recharge the cannon to fire again.
The key to using the cannon and defeating the shield is that your cannon attack must either overwhelm the shield (from multiple shots at the same time) or you must be able to recharge and fire the cannon faster than your opponent can recharge theirs. This happened to me once: Guy spent 3 days firing his cannon at my planet every 6 hours or so. In the end I had to shut down all production on the planet and send all the energy to my shield to avoid being overwhelmed. With cannons and shields its as much about your recharge rate as it is about the power of the shields or cannons themselves.
It is something I have seen Raiders and Fleeters do where they will colonize several planets around a target - build cannons on the planets - and then overwhelm the opponent in a massive barrage.
However, if you can do this it’s devastating. Cannons destroy defenses and any fleet that is present and DO NOT COUNT AS ATTACKS. So you can knock down an enemy’s defense with unlimited attacks and then send in your fleet to collect the res.

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Post  Guest on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:48 pm

Hi guys

Partical Cannons are Very usefull i use my partical cannons from 5 planets in one go. to get serious defenses down.

Now a little tip if you want to fire them quickly and in succession of each other,


let all the energy go directly go to recharging your cannons you will be surprised how quick you can refire lol!


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