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Building on a Roid

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Building on a Roid

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:10 pm

On your Asteroid you cannot build any types of mines and some buildings such as the research lab are left out. You do not have any energy nor can you build fusion plants, The field number is noticeably smaller, and you can build a Galaxy scanner which is used to scan the galaxies (range dependent on levels) which in turn will lead to intercepts.

Galaxy scanner: The Development center must be built to level 8 on the asteroid before you can build the Galaxy Scanner itself. This Galaxy scanner is used to scan the galaxies for fleet activity. Once a Solar System is scanned a small new tab is opened showing the current activity in that Solar System. In turn leading to a possible interception of the opposing players fleet. Each scan costs 5,000 spice so it is as an expensive business.

Costs per level for Galaxy Scanner:

1.= 10.000 Pig, 40.000 Metal, 20.000 Kryptonite, 8.000 Spice. Your own Solar System scan range.

2.= 20.000 Pig, 80.000 Metal, 40.000 Kryptonite, 16.000 Spice. +/- 1 Solar Systems.

3.= 40.000 Pig, 160.000 Metal, 80.000 Kryptonite, 32.000 Spice. +/- 3 Solar Systems.

4.= 80.000 Pig, 320.000 Metal, 160.000 Kryptonite, 64.000 Spice. +/- 7 Solar Systems.

5.= 160.000 Pig, 640.000 Metal, 320.000 Kryptonite, 128.000 Spice. +/- 11 Solar Systems.

6.= 320.000 Pig, 1.280.000 Metal, 640.000 Kryptonite, 256.000 Spice. +/- 17 Solar Systems.

7.= 640.000 Pig, 2.560.000 Metal, 1.280.000 Kryptonite, 512.000 Spice. +/- 23 Solar Systems.

8.= 1.280.000 Pig, 5.120.000 Metal, 2.560.000 Kryptonite, 1.024.000 Spice.+/- 31 Solar Systems.

9.= 2.560.000 Pig, 10.240.000 Metal, 5.120.000 Kryptonite, 2.048.000 Spice. +/- 39 Solar Systems.

10.= 5.120.000 Pig, 20.480.000 Metal, 10.240.000 Kryptonite, 4.096.000 Spice. +/- 49 Solar Systems.

What can a Galaxy Scanner see:

The galaxy scanner cannot see all flights as this would be an unfair advantage. The fleets it can see are as follows.

1.=Outbound and Return Attacking Flights.

2.=Outbound and Return Recycling Flights.

3.=Outbound and Return Transport Flights.

4.=Outbound ONLY Station Flights.

What can a Galaxy Scanner not see:

When a player scans a solar system these are the flights that remain invisible and go undetected past the Galaxy Scanner these are as follows.

1.=Save Flights/Escape Flights.

2.=Return Station Flights.

3.=Stealth Bombers go undetected when on flights but if they are with other ships then the other ships are visible but not the Stealth Bombers.

I'm not clear on what you mean by Return Station Flights. Aren't station flights one-way by definition? Or do you mean that the Galaxy Scanner can't see inbound station flights?


Yes - stationing flights are one-way but if the player recalls the stationing flight they will become invisible. This is why few people try to intercept stationing flights with their roids. All the opposing player has to do is recall the flight and you will no longer have the information to intercept it.

That also works in reverse if you are flying near roids on transport missions and such with large amounts of fleet. Stationing flights cost you nothing more than transport flights but if something goes wrong you can recall the stationing flights and know they are safe from detection

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