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how do asteroids form?

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how do asteroids form?

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:12 pm

several times during message posted battles by other players i've seen chance of asteroid forming 0%, no big deal, but in respect to that, what are the conditions needed for forming an asteroid?

i know i'm probably not high enough in points, research or otherwise, to begin to think of having an asteroid but the knowledge alone would be useful to have.


Wolf917 on Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:12 pm

Asteroids have the possibility of forming after ANY battle - be it between 2 fighters or 50,000 Destroyers.

There is a random probability of an asteroid being created after any battle but the highest possible chance is 20%. This chance is based on the amount of rubble generated in the attack. So a battle between 2 fighters will get you a 0% chance while a battle with 50,000 Destroyers will get you a 20% chance. I have heard that the cut off point is a battle which generates about 8 million in rubble. This gets you a 20% chance and anything more than 8 mil in rubble is still just 20%.

Once an asteroid has generated the number of fields on it can be between 15 and 50. This is completely random (just like colonizing planets) and is irrelevant to the amount of rubble that it formed from. So an asteroid which formed from 2 million rubble with a 10% chance could have 50 fields while an asteroid which formed from a massive battle with 8 million rubble or more could only get 15 fields.

The only way to get an asteroid on one of your planets is to either destroy an attacking enemy fleet or have yours destroyed. Thats it! You cant colonize to get one, buy one, or develop one. So anyone in the game can get one. I have seen players with only 20k pts with an asteroid but a player with 1 million pts not have one.

awesome, so to get an asteroid i need to be attacked and either have a fleet up in the sky or enough defense to destroy the attacking fleet

Yep - If you dont want to be the one contributing to your asteroid (i.e. having your own fleet destroyed) you will need to ninja someone else in the game. A ninja is luring another player to your planet and then having more defense on hand than they were able to detect. Thus the attackers fleet is destroyed and not your own.

Ninja tactics is explained in another section on the forum now.

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