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Advanced Player Types and Tips

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Advanced Player Types and Tips

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:15 pm

Ok, as a ten million point player i can PROMISE you that by the time you are over 5 million points you will be a little bit of everything. I have looked into every strategy, and i have personal success in all three, so here are the tips and tricks of the three main player types.


Obviously the most popular, most people classify themselves as raiders. The true definition of a raider is someone with 1/3 their total points in fleet. But this is a rather vague definition. I prefer to say someone that has at least 1/3 their points in fleet, and actually use it for the purpose of attacking other players and supplementing their income with raids. Their are several different types of raiders, and many hybrids in between, but they all come under this classification.

Fast-Attack raider:
This is a player who prefers speed to firepower. Generally this player has a fleet composed of entirely Phoenix, Transmitters, and small fighters. This kind of player does not bother with the technologies that are not useful to him. So warp drive is usually left off. Their diffusion engines will be high to make a huge speed gap between their ships and the BS that comprise most other fleets. All three battle techs are up, especially since Defense tech is required for PHXs, and shield tech is generally higher since the PHX has a lower shield stat. This person can outrun most fleets, and specializes in quick raids, and intercepts at the last second.

Standard Raider:
This was discussed on another thread in Beginner Strategy section. But this person is a hybrid of a Fast-Attack Raider, and a Brute-Force Raider with a balanced amount of BS to PHX.

Brute Force Raider:
This player is all BS all the time. They have a huge BS fleet that they take everywhere, and have to be meticulous with calculations and intercepts because their ships are slower than anything else. Usually they have a smaller but equally effective Destroyer fleet witch they use to attack turtles or fleets they are SURE are not going anywhere. This person is a big no loss battler and often times will not commit to a battle if the chance of a ninja, or losses are possible. These are the players that make up most of the players in the universe! They generally have extremely high attack stats, and high shields and dont bother with defense stats since they do not use the PHX. This player will have MSA rich planets to decrease the time to build their war machines tremendously!!


Turtles and builders go hand in hand. At the core of each type, they rely on their mines to provide them with the resources to build, and very little on any raiding, and generally will only raid yellows. The key difference is the amount of fleet vs Defense they use.

This players Fleet points will be entirely made up of defense, minus a fraction for a few mitters and mops (recyclers for you noobs). They DO NOT ef overnight, and instead rely solely on their defenses to protect production. Chances are, you will not beat a turtle, but the rubble that can be generated is more than enough inspiration to raiders to send a huge fleet your way. With 70% defense regeneration it takes a long time to truly crack a turtle, and a turtle knows when they will be cracked and will have just enough mitters sitting around to EF the res so they can build up their wall again.

While a builder has much the same mind set as a turtle, they do not count on defenses. Sure everyone has shield domes, and maybe a hundred or so defenses to discourage night time raiders, but they have more than enough mitters around to EF their res. A builder has huge amounts of res laying around, and will generally only raid yellows, low point reds. Builders are also a lot like traders, but lack the fleet a trader would have.

There are not many subtypes to these two, as only a few defenses are really effective in large numbers, but there are a few that i will not mention seeing as the changes are minuscule.


The trader is a builder, with fleet thrown on. The base is always the buildings, which they need to produce the res in order to trade for what they need. Traders have TONS of transmitters. They always have at least 150% of what they will need to EF. Traders will have HIGH diffusion tech in order to get the res where they need it, faster. Generally raiders fleet is comprised solely of mitters, but there are a few sub types.

I know, not a trader, right? Wrong! A fleeter is someone who is a hybrid of EVERYTHING, but their main concern is train. Their battle fleets will not be nearly as big as a raider, and they are not nearly as concerned with them. They use their fleet for trading, and transport, and do not raid very often. The fleet is more of a mobile defense force rather than a tool to project power.

Turtle Trader
Yep, you guessed it. A turtle that has the ability to transport his/her resource around in return for the res they need. Same concept as a turtle, just with more transmitters and engine techs mixed in.

Last but not least, you have the Hybrid. A player equally concerned in all three main areas (anyone over 5 million points basically) No one is a true hybrid, they always lean towards one side, or the other. But Everyone trades, everyone raids, and everyone builds some kind of defenses. Maybe not much, but some kind.

Ok everyone, hope this helps a little more!!


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Re: Advanced Player Types and Tips

Post  ŞǢɃʘŘ₩ΩȽ₣ on Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:00 am

I like it. Thank you. This is an excellent addition to our forum. For the record, I had lost my fleet to an intercept not too long ago & I haven't gotten my fleet back up to where it should be Razz

And what really sux is that everyone I have been raiding has been giving me alot of PI... and so I build Sad

But what you have said is true. True raiders have 30% of their points as fleet points pirat

Thank you Fandango for adding this to the forum.

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Re: Advanced Player Types and Tips

Post  Guest on Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:15 am

No problem, i like to hear myself talk.... ermmm rather.... read myself type? Laughing


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Re: Advanced Player Types and Tips

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