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Alliance Attacks

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Alliance Attacks

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:14 pm

The second and probably most important function of your Asteroid is its ability to allow other peoples fleets to station on your asteroid and then Alliance Attacking another player.

The first stage in doing this is going to your asteroid and selecting fleet commands, Now select your desired number of ships and the enemies co-ordinates for the Alliance Attack. Then hit "continue" now another screen will show up stating the type of mission you want to select. At the bottom you will see "Alliance Attack" highlight this box and and you will see instead of "start" a word called "planen" click this.

It should say your fleet has been sent, Now dont worry its not actually outbound its still on the asteroid. Go back to "Fleet commands" and at the very bottom there should be a box saying "Alliance Attacks" and on the right a button saying "planung" click this.

Now another menu will show up. You will see a white box which you can write in. In this box you must type in the person/persons name you want to invite to the Alliance Attack. When you have pasted it in click the button "invite". (Note: The player must be in the appropriate Attack Zone).

Now when you click it that invited player will get a message saying, "Alliance member PROPH3CY has invited you to participate in an Alliance Attack". Now what the other player must do is select there fleets and the select "continue" they will see a circular box saying "Participate In Alliance Attack". They must select this box and hit start, Their fleet is on its way to station on you Asteroid for the Alliance Attack. Now all you have to do is repeat inviting more people if you want (Note: For each fleet base built represents 1 player that you can invite, i.e lvl.3 = 3 players).

Hit "Command Central" and you will see hopefully the incoming fleet from the players you invited and that have sent their fleets. All you have to do now is wait for the players that were invited to station there fleets on your Asteroid. When the players that were invited fleets been stationed arrive go to "Fleet Commands" and go down to the bottom of the page again and select "planung" again. If everyone's status is set to "READY" i.e. Their fleets have arrived, then the alliance attack can be sent. (Note: All players invited must have their fleets stationed in order to send the alliance attack).

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