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Spy Probes - numbers and levels

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Spy Probes - numbers and levels

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:15 pm

> I notice emails that people often times send more then one spy probe. Why would you do that.

Lastly, whats the benifit of having hire than a research level 10. Beside reducing research time of course.


Answer from Wolf917:

Well - if your research tech is not higher than the person whom you are spying you may not get a full spy report and your probes will get shot down. The minimum you will get is the res levels but nothing else.

So to overcome this you can send multiple probes which will give you more information. I find that 10 spy probes will usually get you the full information on a planet; defenses, tech, fleet, etc. You will need that info if you are going to attack someone. But its all based on the amount of defenses/fleet on the planet and your level of espionage research.

So if I have level 10 and you only have level 8 - you had better send at least 10 probes at my planet to get all the intel. Otherwise you may miss some key information that gets you hammered when you try to attack. However, this can get expensive if your probes are being shot down. So most people send multiple probes once to get the full intel and then smaller numbers from there on to check on the planets status if its an active planet.

Its also why it sometime better to ask one of the higher members of the alliance to get you intel of a planet (especially inactives) than doing it yourself. It doesnt cost us as much in probes as it will you if you are trying to find out the res levels on a large inactive.

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