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Fleets and Ships

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Fleets and Ships

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:17 pm

Defensive Fleet

Wolf917 on Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:53 pm

If you are looking to build a defensive fleet to deter enemy attacks you will want larger ships. A Phoenix is not a good ship for defense. B/c of their low defensive power they can be easily overwhelmed in an attack. Battleships are still good and can hold their own but a defensive fleet will have a lot of Destroyers in its ranks. These are VERY SLOW but very powerful ships which can be a formidable deterrent to any attack, especially in large numbers. They are not good offensive weapons b/c of their speed unless you are conducting a large scale attack but they make powerful defensive platforms.

The ultimate defensive ship is the Imperial Starbase (ISB). Incredibly slow and expensive to move, these massive ships make the ultimate defensive force. With a large number of defensive cannons and a couple ISB's in orbit your planet will be immune to all but the largest of attacks by enemy fleets.

Below is an example of a large scale defense which is nearly impregnable:

Laser cannon battery 1129 Solar cannon 66 Small shield dome 1
Transmitter 493 Phoenix 3198 Solar cell 305 Spy probe 18 Recycler 905
Destroyer 365 Imperial starbase 10

As you can see - the Destroyers and ISB's, in conjunction with the Laser Cannons and Solar Cannons make this planet unbreakable to all but the largest of players. While the Phoenix and mitters provide a large and fast offensive force to attack other planets.

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