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The Advanced Ninja Technique

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The Advanced Ninja Technique

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:19 pm

If you are dealing with an experienced raider there are certain signs that are looked for to see if they are being setup for a Ninja attack.

1) The complete absence of a fleet when they know you are online:
To avoid this, if you see the spy probe coming in time, you only send part of your fleet away. Send all capital ships and some of your support ships away but leave a few transports and/or recyclers on station. Preferably leave a smaller cargo capacity than your current amount of res. This way it looks like you could EF with some of the res if you are paying attention but not all of it - and therefore worth an attack.

2) The Spice Trail:
If you are not dealing with a planet that has teleporters this is the most common way for a raider to detect a possible ninja attack. When your planet is probed the raider gets your current res levels. When they spy again before their fleet arrives an experienced raider will check the resource levels of the new probe to that of the old probe to see what has changed; paying particular attention to the spice levels. If the spice level on the second probe is lower than the spice level on the first probe this may indicate that a large fleet has recently left the planet and thus a possible ninja attack may be about to hit - THE SPICE TRAIL

To avoid this tell tale sign of a ninja there are two ways to cover your spice trail.

1: When you escape flight the first time to avoid the spy probe take several thousand spice with you to cover the cost of your next fleet movement. This way the spice levels wont have significantly changed between probes. You just need to be careful to remember what your spice level was at the time you EF the first time and keep the level very similar (only slightly higher from production) the second time.

2: If you are unable to EF with spice aboard due to time constraints you may still be able to cover the spice trail if you have a thermosolar plant on the planet. A spy probe cannot tell if power plants are running or not so immediately shut down your thermosolar plant to rapidly increase your spice production on the planet and hopefully make up any spice which was used in the second fleet movement.

Both these methods can cover the Spice Trail and prevent a ninja attack from being spotted before you have a chance to surprise the would-be raider

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