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The Ninja Attack

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The Ninja Attack

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:20 pm

What is a Ninja? A ninja is surprising an enemy fleet which has come to attack your planet with your own fleet to destroy his instead. It is a surprise defensive move which can destroy an enemy fleet and send a raider away to never bother you again. (And the only way to get an asteroid at your planet without losing your own fleet to attack)

How to do it?
Ninja attacks are done by pretending to be a weak and fairly defenseless target when you are not. If you do not have teleporters this is most commonly done by escape flight (EF) when you see a spy probe coming towards one of your planets and leaving you resources there for them to see. Remember: The one type of fleet movement that cannot be seen by anyone but you is an EF - asteroids cannot see these flights.

The enemy is lured into attacking you b/c they see an easy target. You then recall your fleet. When the enemy attack appears on your screen you then send your own fleet out again and schedule it to return about 30-60 seconds before the enemy fleet is due to arrive; thus avoiding any further spy probes by the enemy checking on you.

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