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Escape Flights or "EF"

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Escape Flights or "EF"

Post  sandog on Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:30 am

ALWAYS USE ESCAPE FLIGHTS BEFORE GOING OFFLINE. This is where you put in all your resources in your storage ships (transmitters, large transport, recyclers, small transports, & even your fighter ships) and send them out on an "Escape Flight". You can control the spice usage & flight duration by selecting a percentage in the second phase of the process of sending your ships out. You will have to use other planets as a reference point and ALWAYS get as close to the time your going to be back by using the LOWEST percentage possible. ALWAYS BE ONLINE TO RECEIVE YOUR SHIPS WHEN THEY RETURN... ALWAYS !! The enemy, and anyone really, will eat you alive if you're lazy or stupid by not using the Escape Flight (EF) everytime before you log off.

And to make things easy always use the SI master:
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Re: Escape Flights or "EF"

Post  Guest on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:09 am

Some quick tips:

1. You can use colony ships to EF uninhabited planets. Colony ships are slow, so the use of spice in EF is low.
2. Never EF using an inactive player's planet. You never know when that planet may get deleted, which may cause your fleet to return prematurely.


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