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Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:21 pm

Teleportation is an expensive field to research but one that offers major advantages in the game.

You can only teleport to your own planets but this eliminates the time of moving your ships between planets. Thus resources can be instantly sent between planets and more importantly fleets can be sent between planets. Galaxy Scanners cannot see teleportation - only spy probes can detect if a teleporter has been activated but not what was sent. This means a players ability to save their ships/res or counter an attack is increased since a player may teleport their entire fleet from one galaxy to another galaxy where an attack is occurring.

To Teleport inside your own Galaxy or to one of your neighboring Galaxies you need a Teleporter at Level 1. Every further Galaxy requires the level to be raised by 1 and the level of energy required for teleportation is also raised. Just like Particle Cannons and Shields - excess energy is very important to recharge you teleporters.

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Re: Teleportation

Post  Guest on Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:47 am

Dangers of teleportation:

When teleporting from one planet to another, the risk is that your resources already available on the receiving planet may disapear. This is a bug. It does not always happen. When it happens there is no way of getting the lost resources back.

Solution: Before teleporting in a fleet & resources, put the resources, which are already on the receiving planet, on a short escape flight. After the teleporation is complete, simply recall the fleet in escape flight. You do not have to put your entire fleet in escape flight - just enough to keep the resources safe.

A bit of inconvenience, but will save you much aggrevation.


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