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Engine Technology

Post  sandog on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:22 pm

> Once you get up to Engine Research 7, what is the point of improving you engine if you got Rocket, Diffusion, and Warp. What I am trying to get at, what is the point of going above 7 on your engine research?


Every increase in engine tech above the level needed for the ship increased its speed by 10%. This can be advantageous since increases in speed mean your fleets will get to their targets faster (less chance of the player seeing it coming or coming online and escaping) and will get back from their targets faster meaning you can attack more times in a given night.

And if you ever get an asteroid and have an opportunity to start intercepting fleets your fleets will may need to be faster than the fleet you are trying to intercept.

So I have level 10 Diffusion engines b/c it makes my fleets of Phoenix's with Transmitters much faster in their attacks.

As for engine research - the higher the engine research the more efficient the engines and therefore the less spice. So when you start developing larger fleets this will become VERY important so it doesn't cost you a fortune to ever move them.

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