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Player types

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Player types

Post  sandog on Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:33 am

Si is a space based strategy game. The goal of this game is to become the strongest player (or alliance) there is in the Uni. There are several ways to go about this. The three most common ways are to become a Raider, a Trader or a Turtle. Each method has its own benefits and draw backs.

Definitions Raider - A player that depends on there fleet for income. By selecting targets and attacking them daily, a Raider can pull in huge amounts of resources to quickly Upgrade Buildings and construct more Fleet.

Trader - A player that depends on economic ability to make income. By production large amounts of one or two resources, they then trade these resources to other players. Spice being the most lucrative resource to trade, the Spice Mine tends to be the back bone of a Traders economic ability's; metal being a close second.

Turtle - A player that depends on massed defensive installations to keep them safe, depending almost solely on there own mines for income. A slow and steady approach to the game, being a successful Turtle requires little skill, but alot of time and energy. Normally, this is the approach of a novice player; but not always.

Detailed Look: Raiders make there bread and butter attacking other players. If there fleets aren't moving, they aren't making anything. At the start of the game, a fledgling Raider should concentrate there efforts on inactive (yellow) players. These players have (for what ever reason) left the game and there will be no reaction from them what-so-ever. The resources on there worlds won't move, won't get used. These are the safest targets to attack. As time moves on and the fledgling raider builds up there fleet, they to move on to active (red) targets. These targets are much more profitable then raiding inactive players, but also much more dangerous.Raiders Tech - Raiders primary techs are the Ship Techs. Weapons, Shields, Defenses and the engine techs. Weapons, Shields and Defense techs should be upgraded in lock step for the highest effect. Engine techs should be upgraded in order of the slowest ship, to equal the speed of your Transmitters.Raiders Buildings - The most important buildings to a Raider are the Weapons Factory, the Fleet Base and the Micro-system accelerator. Secondary buildings are the Development Center and the Spice Mine. The higher level your Weapons Factory, the more powerful ships you can make. The more fleet Bases you have, the higher the number of raids you can do a day. The higher level your MSA is, the faster you can build your ships. Rather simple. The Development Center needs to be level 3 before you can create a weapons factory, and level 12 befor you can create an MSA. Once it reaches level 12, it is on no further use to you. Spice Mines are the life blood of your fleet. Without Spice, you have no fuel. Always keep this in mind.Raiders Ships - In the start of your carrier as a Raider, the back bone of your fleet will be the Phoenix. A fast and capable ship, the Phoenix is without a doubt the best Low Order ship you can build. It builds fast and hits hard. In the mid point of your carrier as a raider though, you will stop building Phoenix in large numbers in favor of the Battle Ship. Stronger, more capable -and the best part- costing no Spice to build. A slower ship then the Phoenix, it has a much higher survivability rate, and fewer are needed to gain you that much coveted No Lose Win. But, sooner or later, you will once again move on to another ship. The Destroyer. Far slower then even the battleship, a Destroyer fleet is like that unstoppable Juggernaut of legend. Raider Sub-Types - There is, of course, more then one type of Raider. There is The Farmer which concentrates his raids on a limited number of targets, only moving on when those targets are no longer profitable. Then there is The Crasher, or Fleet Hunter. These Raiders spend most of there efforts hunting other Raider's, making most of there profit from recycling the Debris Fields left when there targets fleet is destroyed. Last but not least, there is the Turtle Cracker. Raiders then spend most of there efforts in finding and destroying the Turtles of the uni.

Traders make there bread and butter by maintaining good relations with those players around them and offering them goods and services. Without a glib tongue and a fast fleet, no Trader will live long. At the start of the game, a Trader won't have much to offer another player. Without a large store of resources at the ready or a working intelligence network, Traders have one of the hardest starts in the game. But don't despair yet. With time, energy and a silver tongue, you will soon be everyone's best friend.Trader Techs - Without a doubt, the most important techs to a trader are the Engine techs, Mining tech, and Spy tech. The faster your cargo ships can deliver there goods, the happier your customer is. Remember, happy customers are repeat customers. Mining tech allows you as a trader to get more out of your mines for less. The faster your own stock pile of resources grows, the more you can trade. And remember, every Trader should have there finger on the pulse of the Uni. A smart trader knows whats going on; where everyone's fleet is, and what resources they might need. A high spy tech lets you gather this information with fewer probes. Few probes means fewer loses. And we all know that fewer loses means more profit. Selling information is a time honored tradition to the Trader, and should never be over looked.Trader Ships - Without a doubt, the most important ship to a Trader is the Transmitter. Fast and with a large cargo capacity, these ships will pay for themselves on the first trade mission they complete. Small and Large Cargo ships are fine for in-system trade missions; but nothing beats the speed of a Transmitter for that trade out-system. Remember, as a Trader, your all about spending less to make more. The more cargo you can stuff into a single ship, the less you send. The less ships you send, the less spice you use as fuel. And the less spice you use (say it with me now) the greater the profit made. Its all about economy of movement as a Trader.
Trader Buildings - If your going to be a Trader, you need something to trade. Your Mines are your number one priority as a Trader. Keep your mines high level and monitor the trade requests on the boards. Find out what people need. Metal and Spice are the most common, but Kryptonite can fetch a high price at times to the right people. Almost never will you find a market for Pig Iron, but remember, when someone needs it, if you have it, you can make a killing.Trader Sub-Types - Yup, even Traders have sub types. The major one being the Information dealer. This person sends there spy probes far and wide, gather intel on everyone. Planet locations, fleet movements, online and offline times. With the right mind set, the Information dealer can sell there product for large amounts of resources. If your diligent in this, you can even plot what a player will do for the next week. There's always a buyer for such information. If yours is the best, before long, people will come to you.Turtles. The slow steady players of the game. Depending on there own mines for income and there defenses to keep them safe. Sounds like a nice way to go, doesn't it? But there's a lot more to being a Turtle then simply massing a single defense and high level mines.

Even the Turtle has a strategy.Turtle Techs - The number one tech for any Turtle is the Targeting System tech. With this tech, the Turtle can build higher order defenses. Stronger, more deadly, giving the Turtle a thicker shell. Close behind is the Weapons, Shields and Defense techs. Mainly ship techs, these also give a bonus to your defensive installations. Making the Turtles shell even thicker. Then comes the Mining Tech. Boosting there mining outputs is a priority for any Turtle. Committing few attacks a day, if any, almost 100% of your income will come from mines.Turtle Ships - Well, not ships, but defensive. A fledgling Turtle will want to ignore the Mortar completely. It might be tempting to mass build this cheep defense, but its cheep for a reason. Its useless. The first defenses a Turtle should aim for are the Dome's. Small Shield Dome and Large Shield Dome. It will take most players 70-90 ships (depending on ship type and tech levels) to break through a LSD, making you effectively invincible in the early portion of the game. But don't depends solely on the Domes. Sooner then you will like, players that can walk through the domes like cheep paper will come calling. At this point, you will need defenses with teeth to ward them off. The first defensive unit you should build en-mass is the Ion cannon. High shields for a low order defense with a respectable fire power, a mass of Ion cannons can go a long way to keeping your resources safe. But once again, before long, players will walk through these Cannons like cheep paper. So whats a Turtle to do? Move on to the Positron Lighter. These things make Ion Cannons look like tinker toys. Think your done? Nope. Once again, someone will come along and walk through these like paper. So what do you do? Move on to the high order defenses. Interval Cannons, Laser Batteries and Solar Cannons. With these, you can create a shell that will give even the most determined raider pause.Turtle Buildings - Turtles, unlike other players don't use save flights to keep there res safe. So for a Turtle, warehouse's are of high importance. Since almost all your resources come from your mines, every second they aren't production is very bad. Keep your warehouses high enough level to ensure that they have enough room for your overnight resource production. Also, it goes without saying that your Mines are a very high priority. They are, after all, your life's blood.Turtle Sub-Types - Yup, even Turtles have sub types. There is the IVC freak. A turtle that forsakes all other defenses in favor of this single high order unit. Cheep, fast building and packing a massive punch, this is a very tempting way to go. Then there is the fabled Giga-Turtle. What makes a Giga-Turtle? A massive ICV wall backed up with ISB's in orbit. These ISB's rarly, if ever, move, giving the planet based ICV's an insane fire support. The major bonus of the Giga-Turtle over the IVC Freak is simply that even if the IVC's get blasted to dust by Particle Cannon attacks, the ISB's will still be there, unharmed, ready to reduce any attacking fleet to particulet matter.

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Re: Player types

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:00 am

VIPrince wrote:so.. definition of raider.. is
a player that has more than 1/3 of points in ships/defense?
im just wondering .. cause lately ive been looking at player points in alliance
and our description says we r raider alliance
but most of the players seem to be builders which is confusing


i personally am a full fledged raider i send out over 30 transmitters on a daily basis raiding inactives and also send about 5 attacks from my fleet to targets selected. howerver my fleet is very minimul to my buildings for one reason.

im trying to stay below the attack level of some of the higher level players im letting my buildings take me to the attack level rather than my fleet as i want to be propared before i enter the relms of being attacked by the 2million pointers ^^

you need to review your style, as above it says three types of players but tbh theres no pure way of actualy being totally one,

i myself am a hybred of turtle and raider for the moment, this method as said above stops me from gaining to high in rank before im ready. soon i will be totally prepared planet wise and building wise when i become a pure raider, but when starting you need to get some perspective your fleet wil build your points quickly but if you make one mistake and you lose your fleet say good bye to your level and because you have nothing to fall back on i.e research, mines etc you wil most likely be that peed off you become another addition to the yelow planet family Laughing

  • my points currently are 161k
  • my buildings =112k
  • my research = 15k
  • the rest is fleet

not even a third of my points is fleet yet if i lose my fleet the stability of my planets to help me reproduce my current fleet alows me to feel safe in the knowledge i can just start again!,

also i dont think i woud like the embarressment of losing my fleet dropping down so low in ponts that i leave his attack range and i coudnt quickly get my sweet sweet revenge on his @ss Laughing

so lets look at it like this:

  • you have 30k Buildings 10k research and 50k fleet your now in attack zone 11
  • you lose your fleet
  • your now in attack zone 8 (pease correct me if im wrong)

myself if i lose my fleet im stil deirectly in his attack zone and still have the ability to manufacture enough fleet to get him back within a week!!

like i said try find a balance between the types be constructive with your buildings and efficient with your fleet, look at all the variable around you and your planet, i.e active payers, galaxy scanners, big point payers, small low levels, and find a strategy that wil alow you to remain undetected for raids and yet stil raid yourself.

also i am currently in this clan trading!! so im a turtle a raider and a trader!!

im not a trader to make friends im a trader to help the clan as my excessive stores have been growing everytime i raid. so you can see al three strategies can be incorperated easily its up to you to decide how you use what you have to benifit your pay, your game, yourself and your clan!

Good luck peeps

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Post  Guest on Mon Oct 19, 2009 11:26 am

yes but still at higer points.. mines cost/production rate is bad
for example lvl 35 pig iron mine time to amortization is 337 days
.. so does it really pay off? or is it better to just raid
well i mean sure everyone constructs mines to certain level but to use them as source of income
specially if u dont like upgrading ur warehouses and they are allways full
seems like bad idea for me, even with just few ships left after som1 destroys your fleet you can rebuild ur fleet within a week
and if you are fleeter.. you usually dont attack yellow players cause they r bad income.. well sure you spy on them but
u usually only attack if they got lots of resources and a nice fleet to get rubble from.
then you let the other players farm them.. and u farm the red ones.

anyway on short what im trying to say.. do upgrading mines really high pay off?
cause if you see one player with lets say 300 battleships.. but you will only have 200.. you will probably get fleet destroyed and farmed every day
but if there was a guy with 300 battleships and you had 500 you would attack him and gain days if not weeks worth of mines production.
of course you can EF but if hes determined he will intercept you sooner or later.


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Re: Player types

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:12 pm

VIPrince wrote:yes but still at higer points.. mines cost/production rate is bad
for example lvl 35 pig iron mine time to amortization is 337 days
.. so does it really pay off?

337 Days

ok the si master doesnt take into account MSA levels or Developement centres

Sorry i dont no the calculation for level 12 dev centers but lets just use MSA on your 337

MSA level 1 would take it to 168.5 days
MSA Level 2 would take it to 84.25 days
MSA Level 3 ETC

Currently my Pig iron mine to make level 29 with MSA level 3 and Dev center 12 and According to the SI Master it will take 72 D 23:56:22, But according to my screen will Take 1 D 01:26:13 bit of a diffrence dont you think ^^

so guys dont look at SI and take the actual times and dates to heart. it wont take you an actual Year to build a mine lol!


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Post  Guest on Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:11 pm

thats not what i was talking about
amortization time is the time in which the mine repays the resources that were used to build it
it has nothing to do with construction times


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Re: Player types

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:44 pm


ok got the wrong end of the stick, but tbh if i have the resorces i dont care about its payback if it saves carrying the resources for no reason other than for storage at a later date. and for my pig iron of 8 million used to get level 28 it would only take me 17 days to re claim whats paid in. Very Happy

oh and as proof of what i said earlier about dropping down below attack levels purely on the basis of your fleet

check the link out, he was in my attack range, i visited him three times in a matter of 15 minutes and Voila

Hes under noobie protection affraid affraid affraid affraid affraid

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Re: Player types

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