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About Ronin-Wolf Academy

Post  Guest on Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:01 pm

This alliances job is to train YOU to be a skilled fleeter for Ronin-Wolf. In this post I will explain how the the +Training+ part of +Training+ alliance will work.

Throughout the week, we will teach both the Cadets and Officer Cadets about the game. We will teach them how to hunt, about the culture of Ronin-Wolf and how to play at a high level. the Officer Cadets will learn more complicated things then the cadets and will be divided up.

On Friday night we will issue both the officer cadets and cadets there tests. That right you read it correctly, every week you will get a small test. there will be 10-16 questions, mostly multiple choice and some short answer. You will be graded. You must do well in this training program to graduate from Ronin-Wolf Academy.

When you reach 600k total points, and 300k fleet points and have lernd everything we can teach you you will have to take a EXAM. It will be of moderate difficulty and you most complete it to go to Ronin-Wolf. You most get 85% to pass.

It should also be noted that this training wing does not want SLOW players, or players that continuously LOSE THERE FLEETS. Ronin-Wolf Academy has no time for "weekend" warriors. We train players who are active and eager to learn then ins and outs of this game we call Space Invasion. If you do not follow this, YOU WILL BE KICKED!

This is the training program. After you complete it, you will be a skilled fleeter for Ronin-Wolf!


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