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Post  sandog on Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:48 am

i have a question.... i know your able to build up lvl's of buildings on planets, but... when you go to colonize another one, do you have to start over from lvl 1 on buildings on that planet or can you continue to increase the current lvl of all your buildings

you establish a new colony you start with a planet from scratch. You automatically get something like 5000 pig and some other minor amounts of res to start. Its basically like starting from scratch except that you can send res from your established planet to your new planet to accelerate its development.

Advice on Colonization:
Colonization is totally random - meaning the size of the planet is random every time a planet is colonized. The number of fields can be as high as 400. However, they can also be very low (dont know what the lowest field level a planet can get is but I want to say its like 50 fields or something). So getting a large planet is totally random and just luck. It took me a lot of wasted colony ships to get my largest planet of 327 fields. It also doesnt matter what the planet size was before either.

Dont send other ships with your colony ship when you colonize. Colony ships can be lost if the planet is colonized before you get there and with it any fleets you sent. Also, when you first colonize a planet you will not have a fleet base, so any res or ships on the planet will be trapped until you build one. So colonize first, if its a planet you want to keep, then send transports with res to start building the planet. But only enough to cover small developments until you get a fleet base. Then you can send a larger amount of res and station ships on the planet.

Just to clarify - The point to colonization is two-fold (even though you have to start over). One - building multiple planets creates multiple mines to use - I have several planets with mines that I just siphon off and send the res back to my main planets. Two - If your gonna raid you need a larger and larger territory - planets are you platforms to raid from. You dont want to be sending large fleets over long distances (too much chance of being intercepted by someone). So if you see any area with lots of opportunity you can set up a raiding platform for your ships to operate from while you exploit the area.

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WOLF Colonizing Strategy: SaborWolf's Strategy

Post  ŞǢɃʘŘ₩ΩȽ₣ on Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:14 pm

WOLF Colonizing:

Here's our strategy. We are going to have Row Leaders & Den Leaders. All WOLF members should make it a point to colonize next to these alliance leaders.

What is a Row Leader ??

Okay, this ties into the WOLF Colonizing Strategy, actually. So, I'll address it here. A Row Leader is a leader in the alliance who has all his planets in a row from galaxy to galaxy. The best way for me to explain this is to give you an example.

M22sandog is a Row Leader for the 100s. So, he will have ALL his planets in the general area of G1:100, G2:100, G3:100, G4:100, G5:100. I will be a leader for the 200s. So I will have planets in G1:200, G2:200, G3:200, G4:200, G5:200.

That is what a Row Leader does. He has his planets in the general row of the 100s, 200s, or 300s. From there, if we have raids that are inbetween these rows, we will have an amazing advantage of setting up raiding platforms & the manpower to do so.

Now within each row, we have Dens. A Den is our occupation of an entire Solar System (or as much as possible). A Den may cover only 1 Solar System (each little square is a solar system)... or it may cover 3-4, side by side. Thus we are not only ready for battle, but we are ready to defend. So if we goto war, we will be able to protect each other & intercept the attacks of the enemy.

And within each Den... we will have a Den Leader. The Den Leaders will be under the Row Leaders & they will report to their Row Leaders before anyone else. The Den leader is the one who is taking care of the players in their areas & recruiting whenever possible.

So to colonize, we suggest that those who wish to colonize to set up 7 planets, max. You are allowed have your home planet, plus 9 others = total of 10 planets. The reason we ask you to only set up 7 planets is because in the future you will need extra planets for the purpose to raid. Remember, this is a raiding alliance. So we want you to get out there & raid & plunder. You will grow 30 times faster by raiding, trust me.

So it's all about strategy. Set up in Dens... that are set up in a universal row.. to attack & defend as a true WOLF pack. Do this.... and we will be extremely hard in any battle !!


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