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Pre-Wolf Story... from SaborWolf

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Pre-Wolf Story... from SaborWolf

Post  sandog on Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:02 pm

Sept. 2009

As many of you know, this alliance was started alittle over a week ago. M22sandog & I were leaders in the NATW in uni1. M22sandog started to play SI before I did, actually.. and has finally found his way to stay playing in SI. We have also Wolf917. We were under his leadership when we first joined Space Invasion earlier in 2009. The name of this alliance was actually inspired because of Wolf917. because he was our leader in NATW with an account of nearly 700k.

Ilike2feed, already mentioned, was an co-leader with a 550k account in uni1 with a couple of alliances.. one of them was a very strong alliance in uni1. And he was, and still is, a warring machine.

In uni2 Ancestralwolf1 & I have served together in the original Gods of War, before they merged with the War Lords. Now I don't know what happened to nonlinear after the merger, because I never knew he left to start his own alliance. I was mainly playing in uni1 until my recent ban in uni1 for Wolf917, myself, & M22sandog entering each others accounts to Escape Flight each others fleets. We were fighting it with SI to regain our accounts because we had problems entering into each others' accounts through the settings sections, where it is allowed. And in the end... we lost those accounts.So lesson learned... and learn from this, as well. We never had intentions to cheat the game. It's fun enough the way it is. But there is no mercy from the GOs if you break the rules - trust us on that one.

Anyways.. honestly, even if I had regained my account in uni1.. I prefer to be here with you guys... and will remain playing in uni2 more than uni1.

Also, I would like to introduce players who were with me in uni1 & have come over to uni2 to join M22sandog & myself here. And they are:

- Techjunky (my wingman in uni1 - great raider & good guy)
- otis-2 (AKA Dragonslice - an up & coming raiding wolf) Glad to have ya.
- Foondoon (also uni1 member from my alliance there)
- jthomps6 (also uni1 member from my alliance there)
- WolfJehu of my favorites.. and he's going to be a leader amongst us.

And this is WOLF... and now with a good, ole GOW mix to it.

I like it.

Anyways, I thought you should know

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