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Wolf Leadership Roles...

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Wolf Leadership Roles...

Post  sandog on Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:56 pm

Alright.. the moment some of us have been waiting for...

How does this crazy system of leaders work ?

Alright, we have Co-Leaders, Alliance Diplomat, War Chief, Row Leaders, & Den Leaders. From there, everyone should fit under one of these categories.

Co-Leader: is not a position I just hand out to any Fred, George, or Jimmy. This is one is earned. The ones that are there are ones who have served to get there. So don't be offended if that position remains open for a while.

WOLF Diplomat: This is the player who really has his finger of what WOLF is & where we want to go. I, personally, don't want 50 alliances with half the universe. What we do want are a few strategical alliances.

For Example: I am an ex-War Lord. The War Lords, though controversial, are really good at being aggressive & making the team work as a unit. Granted, there is no perfect system (yet :-). But they are an alliance I have always had a great relationship with, even if I didn't agree with their style of doing things. And the leadership of the War Lords are now my friends. PLUS... their alliance with us is a strong strategical move for our future. They are 3rd... and they will probably top out at 2nd place. So the WOLF Diplomat is a very important part.... and should be handled with alot of grace & patience... not making judgements based on emotions.

War Chief: The War Chief is the leader in all war & raiding missions. They don't have the ability to declare wars... but they have the funny ability to provoke them Smile. The War Chief is the leader of the War Wolves within WOLF. Through his leadership & team's merciless, constant attacking... they are the ones who will spread fear & wonder of the WOLF name in SI. Granted, we gotta grow more first... but this is what will happen if we have the right people on board.

The name of WOLF will be respected in uni2.

Row Leaders:

As mentioned in the forum & on the first few announcements, there is a strategy of setting up our alliance by their physical position in the universe. So, if you understand that strategy, than continue reading.... if not, refer to the first 2 announcements or the forum, under "colonizing".

The Row Leader is the one who offers support to the Den Leaders under his/her command. They coordinate with specific WOLF leadership for whatever problem that arises. Through their coordination, they will help with annoying continued attacks from other players or a simple LEGAL res boost to help a player out here & there.

Since I own a business, I understand one concept very good... and that is the word: INVESTMENT.

A leader's job is to invest into his people so that they become as good as the leader, if not better. If a leader achieves this... he/she is a good leader. And I hope to claim that label of being a good leader here in WOLF.

So the Row Leaders job is just that... to invest into his/her Den Leaders... so that they invest into their Dens. It's not rocket science. Done right, our leadership will enjoy in the experience of our overall success as WOLF.

And again, if you understand the strategy... than you can now imagine what a Den Leader's job is.

- - -

The Den Leader is the one who manages his den. Again, a den is a SS (solar system) or a series of SS that are joined together, side by side. Another name could be used for these dens is, "Strongholds". They are certain areas within the galaxy that we have taken control, hopefully & eventually absolute control, of that sector.

The Den Leader manages the den.... especially new and/or low point players. The sooner we get the low point & new players up to par with SI, the better. And YES, the process can be faster if we properly invest in our new comers.

Den leaders answer to Row Leaders...

Row Leader answer to Co-Leaders...

I work together with the Co-Leaders & Co-founder

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